What is, what was and what wants to be.

I am here to mirror your magic, even in the messiness.

An intuitive oracle card reading is a mystical encounter with yourself, providing a mirror without judgment.

It helps you to see yourself and your life from a broader, and often times surprisingly diffrent perspective. A card reading brings deep insight, clarity and (self-) knowledge.

It's intended to support, inspire, and guide you, on your path of self-discovery and development, in navigating your inner landscape ánd earthly life.

As a reader, I creatively intuitively translate the visual language and energy of the cards in order to make the (invisible) subconscious visible, aware, and tangible. The purpose of a reading is also to (re)connect you with your divine nature, the soul aspects of yourself, and to connect you with your inner guidance system so you can unite these aspects of yourself consciously in yourself.

I work with oracle cards primarily and sometimes complementary with the Tarot.

I invite you to dive into the mystery and guidance of the cards with me. I look forward to meeting you in this deep earth medicine and divine clarity, anywhere on the globe.

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"Your reading blew me away, literally. The energy you felt was genuine. Everything I feel. It was heartfelt and very accurate. I am so blessed by this reading. True talent. Thank you."

- Dana, USA


"Life changing!"

Read Imke's blog on my card reading here (in Dutch)

- Imke , NL


“Fem is not only an amazing intuitive reader but also a very gentle human. I felt comfortable in her presence and with sharing personal information with her. The reading was very touching and I noticed that what I always have intuitively felt was there, represented by the cards. Everything was on point, and she even used certain keywords that mean a lot to me personally, but that nobody beyond myself knows about. I extremely recommend her reading, it is a very powerful experience that will give you clarity and help you grow.“

- Julia Xavier, Spain


“Dear Fem,
I recently had a reading done by you and I am very positively surprised and happy that you did that for me.
When I walked in with you I actually had no idea what to expect, but I had a strong feeling that I wanted you to do it.
What I really liked is that it felt easy with you. I find you bright, warm and down to earth.
The reading was about love and relationship. You mentioned a few big things in my life very concretely and on-point that you really couldn't have known. I thought that was magical.
Concrete example: you named very specifically from which nest I came. Because of your explanation about the consequences of this, I started to feel again what this means for me in the now. In life and in relationships.
The reading in general has given insight and an extra impulse to the path I have recently taken in my life.
Thank you for that.
In addition, the reading has ensured that I have been able to experience a part of you that has not been visible to me in all the years that I have known you. I found this meeting very in-depth.“

- Elmar, NL


"This reading was like someone was holding a clear mirror in front of me. Like a true master of her craft Fem wove a web of all the threads that i somehow could not connect myself. I had both goosebumps and moments that i really had to laugh. Thank you for taking the time for my question, that felt really nourishing, your humor, deep wisdom and insight."

- Samiye van Rossum, NL


Oracle Nugget


Among others for newbies, seekers, and the curious. Oracle support and guidance.

A little love note to yourself.

VIDEO RECORDING OR LIVE (in the Netherlands) | 20 min.


(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW).

Card from the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

Mystic Mirror

Soul-deep support and guidance. General periodic check-in.
A meaningful and soul-deep gift to yourself.

VIDEO RECORDING, ONLINE OR LIVE (in the Netherlands) | 45 min.

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW).

Card from the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

Deep Dive

Transformative, powerful, and playful. Interactive. Highly elucidating. For those who want to dive deep and turn (inside out) every stone.
A cosmic love letter to yourself.

ZOOM or LIVE (in the Netherlands) | 60 min

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW).